Monday, March 03, 2014

Summer Swing Sweater

This sweater is made of cotton because I want it to be used as a summer throw on over anything type of sweater. Throw over a bathing suit if you must! It is very lightweight, does not have buttons, it has three-quarter length bell sleeves and feels more shawl-like than sweater. I did a test wash, washing it in cold water, on gentle and drying it in the dryer on low heat. It came out great!

It is a gift for someone special, although it fits me perfectly and my mother really likes it on me.  I will give away soon. Once it has been gifted I will take pictures of it on it's rightful owner. I hope she likes it!


Jennifer said...

I really like this...very pretty pattern...nice work!

Nancy said...

Beautiful! I started one! It had a cotton/silk blend in my stash! Love this fun to knit.