Sunday, August 31, 2008

Mystery Shawl KAL Project

Here it is! My first lace piece. It is not as large as the recommendations and it still does not have an edging, but I'm pleased with the results. I am proud that I could follow along and figure out the clues as they were given for the Mystery Shawl KAL. Now that I know what is entailed in knitting lace, I will certainly try another project.

I could not figure out the designer's, Renee, directions for the edging, so my plan is to create my own edge once the piece is fully blocked. Then, I'll post more pictures.

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I couldn't resist showing off some closeup shots of the shawl. Right click on any of the photos to really view the detail!
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Jane said...

That is a lot of tiny knitting! I signed up for the Mystery Stole this time - but I'm really haven't second thoughts about having the patience to do it!


Diana said...

Beautiful! I can't believe that's your first lace project. I fear lace!

katomliz said...

thanks for stopping by at my blog with shawl. I guess I was not the only one having trouble figuring out the border.I dont know enough about kntting to figure out another way to do it. Your shawl looks amazing and I love the color!
I planned to start Secret Stole 3 my second major lace project but think I will take a small break form lace and do some baby things first.

I am from NE PA ! do you go to Knitter's Day Out by Lancaster?